Fall 2023

2023, another Autumn This has not been a year where creating new Artwork was a priority. Its a choice I had to make to make changes in my home, and take care of long outstanding projects.   One of the ‘fun’ projects was definitely not ‘Art’. And that was the celebration of 1 year into […]

How I started painting

RAC Liberace Workshop

Not a well defined path If you were to speak to my parents, they would say I always could draw, and that I had keen eyes, catching elements and details they could not readily see. Painting however was typical stuff for kids, watercolors and acrylics.  I had the misfortune to attend a High School that […]

Workshops I attended

Kate Stone Workshop

Growing as an Artist Being a member of the Rochester Art Club, I have had many opportunities to take workshops with many artists.  Trying new techniques, having a chance to learn from other artists is an important and very desired part of my being an artist. I know I will always be learning. There is […]



Where and When I do show my Art, I sell it too. If there is a piece I create that is just for me, or becomes special I will still show it, but it will be marked NFS.  I live in the Town of Naples, New York. And I would like to be known in […]