Ashey Brush Studio

Ashey Brush

The principle artist & owner of Ashey Brush is Annalise Schmidt.  


Ashey Brush is where the creative and the technical creativity of Annalise take place. While the physical space has changed over time. The interests and passions have only expanded. 


As an Artist Annalise is inspired by light, color, faces, and many other visual inspirations. 


She has gathered her knowledge from a combination of school, work and self teaching. And for many years has had to balance a solid steady working life in technical areas such as web development with the demands of advancing skills in the visual arts. There was for a time a complimentary work/art balance with design of web pages and content. 


If for some reason you are interested in her work history check out her linkedIn profile


In Art Annalise has been someone who has drawn since very small. And painting was for fun. But she had no academic training throughout the formal school years, including college. Painting, especially in Oil really became a passion post college. And the ability to paint the human face, was discovered by chance while studying Graphic Design at Parsons, in an effort to change careers from a business applications computer programmer. 


Lucky moment. 


Teachers that left a lasting impression on Annalise have been Kay Hazily (Parsons), Michael Burban (Art Students League NYC), Alan Albert (Pratt), John Osbourne (Ridgewood School of Art), John Wellington (New York Academy of Art). 


Non formal groups that were both for Art and Socializing were figure drawing groups at the Hopper House in Nyack, and Open Sessions for Painting the Portraiture from Life at the Hungerford in Rochester NY. 

Charcoal of Debra