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Annalise Schmidt is an artist who creates original works of art in several mediums, such as Oil, Watercolor, Pencil and Charcoal. She currently resides in the Finger Lakes of Western New York State.


Ashey Brush is the Art Studio of the Artist Annalise Schmidt

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Sorry for the delay in the shop, 2023 was a year of reorganization and selling of unneeded material



currently you can readily connect with Annalise on Instagram – @ap_schmidt


the Artist

Annalise Schmidt

A true Gemini, 

Annalise has demonstrated an ability to use her natural talents exemplified in her drawings and paintings. She also has a background in arenas that utilize abstract thinking and logic, with a work history that includes computer programming & web development…

Annalise welcomes the opportunity to paint from Life, as well as the chance to do commission work.

Self Portrait in Oil