Hiatus Over?

Most of 2018 became the year of 'caregiving'. Where everything else fell behind due to the needs of being a caregiver.

In September 2018, I began selling Antiques at the Ontario Mall, Rt 332 Farmington. See #627. I also was a seller at the Avon Flea Market.

In 2018, I took a workshop with Kate Stone, learning some new techniques and generally getting excited to paint more.

What is AsheyBrush?

Focus... AsheyBrush focus is on helping enhance, improve or celebrate life.
Skills... AsheyBrush is now a single artist studio. A broadset of skills for both creating Art/Illustration as well as Websites.
Abilities... AsheyBrush can provide unique, perhaps off the wall visual images, or a particular personal still of portraiture. Logos, websites and general help with technical web stuff is offered.
A curious mind allowed the accumulation and collection of a wide variety of material, much of which is headed to the sales shelves. But much of it was and still is inspiration for works of art.

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Finger Lakes Plein Air Festival

First time trying a public, timed, judged event. My 2 hour Porch painting received a Merit Awared! Thank you!

Newest Painting 'June'

Painted from life, model dressed Mermaidish

Shwoing 'June'

Me,with two of my paintings currently in a gallery show